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You want to lead with the heart, and learn how to recognize your infinite capacity for greatness.

You want to make sense of a complex, chaotic, and challenging reality, and live with ease.

You want to learn models for thinking that will help you be more creative, focused, and resilient, so you can weather any emotional storms ahead.

You want to know how to bring more love into your life so you may better support your family, your community, your people.

You want to live in A World That Works For All Of Us, and add your pieces to that puzzle.

Context Matters •

Love First is, at its heart, a way of life that combines scientific research with spiritual and philosophical perspectives, to help you navigate our confusing reality with ease.

Not every single practice or piece of advice contained within has to be your cup of tea. Cherry-pick at your leisure, but know that the cultivation effects compound. More Love First practice begets more love, hope, clarity, focus, and connection in your life.

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